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2013 Annual Report Summary


Volunteers/Special Homes Needed!

Amira, one of SCHS's wonderful adult cats who is looking for a home.       Do you love cats and would also like to make a difference for homeless animals? We are currently looking for volunteers at PetSmart in Grafton for weekends and Wednesday evenings. The cat area at PetSmart is run by volunteers and it's a great experience. Fill out a volunteer application today and drop it at the shelter or e-mail it to us at

       We are also looking for caring people to provide homes for the special needs cats who sometimes come to the shelter. Would you be interested in adopting feral or semi-feral cats to guard your barns or other farm out-buildings? Would you like to be added to our list of possible homes for feline leukemia & feline FIV positive cats? If so, please Email us or call (920) 458-2012.




It's Time To License Your Pets!

Faith says, it's license time!PLEASE NOTE: Dog, Cat, and Miniature Pig licenses, as well as Animal Fancier permits, are now available ONLY at:

Sheboygan Police Dept.
Front Desk
1315 N 23rd Steet
7am-11pm daily

(If you adopt an animal from the shelter, you will receive the license from SCHS during the adoption process.)

       Did you know that 10% of SCHS's annual budget comes from the Sheboygan County dog and cat licensing fees? So, in addition to obeying the law and safeguarding your pet, you also help the homeless animals at SCHS when you license Fido and Fluffy!

       The law states that every dog kept in Sheboygan County and the City of Sheboygan must have an annual license:

       Every cat kept in the City of Sheboygan must have an
annual license:

       A current rabies vaccination certificate and proof of spay/neuter ARE REQUIRED to purchase a Dog or Cat license.

License Fees until 31 March are as follows:

Neutered or spayed dog
Unneutered or unspayed dog 
Neutered or spayed cat
$ 5.25
Unneutered or unspayed cat
Neutered or spayed miniature pig
$ 3.25
Unneutered or unspayed mini pig
$ 8.25
Animal Fancier Permit, unlicensed
$ 3.00

On and after 1 April, add $5.00.

Click here for more information.




Sheboygan County Humane Society Annual Report Summary: 2012—2013


      For over forty years, SCHS has been Sheboygan County's only full-service animal shelter, providing a safe-haven for abused and unwanted animals, promoting adoption, education, and population control.

       We are happy to share our 2012-2013 Annual Report Summary and give you an idea of how things are going at SCHS! We are looking forward to a fantastic year, creating and expanding programs to help serve even more of the pets and people in our community!

SCHS Annual Report Summary (pdf)





Dixie is asking for your help to get the surgery she needs!       My name is Dixie! I'm just six months old, I had a hurt leg, and they said I need surgery! It costs a lot of money, and I was SO worried!

       I'd heard that SCHS has some really generous friends out there, so I thought I'd come right out and ask on my own -- WOULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME???

       When I came to SCHS as a stray on January 7, my new friends here noticed I was limping on my right front leg. They took me to a friendly vet to see why.

       The vet told them what I couldn't -- that I had broken that leg in a fall TWO MONTHS before! Not only that, but the break was too bad for her to try to fix herself. She said maybe a Specialist could help.

       When we visited the Specialist Person (who turned out to be another really nice vet!), the news was not good. The break was too bad, it was right in the joint, and treatment had waited too long. They couldn't fix it.

       They said my leg would have to be am-pu-tated (my friend from SCHS later whispered in my ear that that meant taken off by a surgeon).

       I overheard my SCHS friends talking about it after we got back to the shelter. They said, as awful as it sounds, there is no choice. With good care and therapy, I can learn to walk on three legs -- but the budget was tight, and it was a very expensive operation.

       I was really really scared. My leg didn't work right, and it hurt me. I was afraid to lose my leg, but what would happen to me if I DIDN'T get the operation?

       So, I asked for your help, and GUESS WHAT? Even though the economy is ruff, in a little over a week, you-all got together and donated enough money to cover my medical costs!

       Thanks to you, I had my operation on 25 February, and thanks to my wonderful vets and foster family, I am getting along really well with my three good legs.

       The best news is, I will also be going to my new Forever Home in March!

       ThankyouThankYouTHANK YOU!!!! You are the GRRRRRRRRRRR-eatest friends in the world!

Dixie thanks you for your help!

Dixie Update!

Dixie, who found a new life through SCHS in 2013.       UPDATE: Dixie's Fundraiser is completed -- read the thank-you from Dixie's Person by clicking on the Dixie's Dollars Fundraiser link below!!


       Back in January, we brought you the story of Dixie, the pup who came to SCHS with a front leg so badly damaged that amputation was necessary. You immediately took her into your hearts, funded the surgery so that she might have a chance at life, and cheered when she went to her Forever Home.

       Unfortunately, Dixie received a very serious setback, and her adopter asked for help once more to get her the expensive medical treatment that will save her life.

       Unbeknownst to all of us, Dixie's remaining front leg had also been broken and left untreated in that original accident. The strain of carrying her full weight on just one front leg damaged it again. Treatment was available, but very very expensive, and NOT covered by the pet insurance Eric, her adopter, has purchased!

       Eric set up a Fundraiser page for Dixie's new medical emergency. Please read what Eric says about Dixie and her place in his life, and thanks to your help again, raised enough so that Dixie could get the medical treatment she needed!





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